Meal Prep 101

The old saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” could not be more true when it comes to fitness. As many of us know creating a healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen. Between work, kids, sporting events, after school activities and the countless other events life throws our way, being prepared can be so difficult when it comes to our diet.

Too many times we allow our circumstances to control our results. Statistics show that most people struggle with eating healthy due to lack of time or resources available when they actually need to eat. Our busy work schedule force us to take the most convenient route rather than the best one.

The purpose of meal prepping is to plan ahead and set yourself up for success so that you are prepared each meal. It allows you to not only have meals already prepared to eat but also calculates the appropriate portion size you should be consuming.

Having meals ready with the nutrition already listed out lets you know exactly how much you are consuming each day and takes the pressure off of trying to make a healthy decision when you are hungry or running short on time. 

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